Posted 5 months ago

By The Wayside: Happiest Birthday

Here’s our newest By The Wayside, “Happiest Birthday”, Written and Starring Sean Hackman and Directed by Jamie Parslow

With Ryan Hellquist, Erik Denton, Evan Zissimopulos, and Vincent Talenti.

Director of Photography, Ryan M. Grosjean

Production Designer, Alexia Jordan

First Assistant Director/Sound, Cameron Diskin

Unit Production Manager, Lynn Moon Kwan

Production Assistant, Shelly Dulong

Shot at YouTube Studio Space in Los Angeles, California

Shot on the Red Epic.

Posted 5 months ago


Congratulations are in order for our very own, Cristina Franco for her role in our newest short film, “In The Black,” where she has just received the Award for Best Actress at the NYLA International Film Festival.

Visit their website and look out for “In The Black” coming to Film Festivals around the country.

And if you haven’t had the chance, take a look at “In The Black" on our YouTube Channel. You won’t be disappointed, we promise.

And once again, thanks for your support, Waysiders. You’ve all made it very clear how much you love original content and we strive to show you much, much more in the future. Big things are moving here at Wayside Creations, and we can’t wait to take you along with us.

Look out for new content and videos coming soon, including our By The Waysides, and our newest Web-Series collaboration, Jared Posts A Personal. These guys are really talented, and we couldn’t be happier to have them apart of the Wayside Crew!

Other than that, we’ve got some big announcements waiting in the coming weeks, and we can’t wait to share them with you. So just hold tight, and stick around.

-Wayside Creations

Posted 6 months ago

In The Black - A Short Film

It took us about two years to get it done, but we’ve finally released our latest short film, “In The Black”, Starring Cristina Franco, Cameron Diskin, Robert Thorne, Ken Baranda, and Aaron Giles.

Currently making the film festival run, we recently premiered this short at the Gasparilla International Film Festival to rave reviews. We hope you take the time to click the link above and comment what you think of our video.

Look out for us at other film festivals throughout the country, and keep an eye on our channel for new content coming along. 

Thanks a ton Waysiders, and we hope you enjoy the film!

-Wayside Creations

Posted 7 months ago

Oscar Season: The Musical! What would this year’s Best Picture nominees be like on Broadway? — VIDEO |

Dudes (and dudettes)! We got on Entertainment Weekly! WAAAAOOOOWWW!

Posted 7 months ago

katiewilsonxp did an excellent mashup of our behind the scenes footage taken during the filming of our latest musical, Oscar Season: The Musical.

Thanks a ton Katie! Make sure to subscribe to Katie’s YouTube Channel for more fun stuff!

Posted 7 months ago

Oscar Season: The Musical - Video

We put in a lot of work, time, and musical prowess to get this thing out just in time for the Oscars this Sunday, and we’re now proud to share this with all of you.

If you saw the behind-the-scenes photos (and possibly videos) of our set, you can tell we just had a really great time! We also have to thank youtube and their studio space in Los Angeles for their generosity, time, and services. Without them, and OBVIOUSLY katiewilsonxp, this never would have happened.

Thanks a ton! And we hope you enjoy!

-Wayside Creations

Posted 8 months ago

Testing out our new dolly. High-tech, we are.

Director - Vince Talenti, Composer/Writer - Dan Martinez, First Assistant Director - Jamie Parslow.

Posted 8 months ago

Our First Assistant Director - Jamie Parslow, Director - Vince Talenti, Producer - Anthony Clementi, Second Assistant Director - Addison Bryan, and Actor/Writer - Kevin Brooks, somehow fascinated by a Kino Diva Light.

-Wayside Creations

Posted 8 months ago

Rehearsal’s Up!

A great little view of our set for our newest musical, shot at YouTube Space LA.

-Wayside Creations

Posted 8 months ago

Actor/Writer - Kevin Brooks, Director - Vince Talenti, and Director of Photography - Matt Ryan, gearing up for our shoot at YouTube Studio Space in La for our latest musical.

-Wayside Creations